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Elite Matrimony – Real Feedback for Elite Families

by Ragini Puri September 28, 2018 0 comment

Evaluating Elite Matrimony for your daughter? You must read about my friend’s experience and my review to really understand the benefits of the service.

I’m with Shrishti (not her real name) throughout her past three-month relationship with this matrimonial service. Just like you, she and I also googled for ‘elite matrimony reviews and complaints’ before signing up for the matrimony service. While we did read some feedback, one or two video reviews helped us with the pros and cons.

My friend was faced with a peculiar challenge of the affluent class – inability to find a good fit with personal interests and family stature. The bigger challenge, of course, was finding a matrimony service that offered full privacy and kept personal information confidential. Elitematrimony.com matched well here. No customer could search or see their database (my friend felt safe). You had to get an invite to register and your profile will be evaluated before acceptance (not everyone can join). They had the largest database of over one lakh upper crust profiles (choice was available).

The company took the profile of my friend and ended up doing a one-hour meeting to understand my friend, her family background and her expectations.

My friend’s complaints initially were – only a few profiles were shared each week. But later she confided in me that the profiles were based on her expectations. When she relaxed her norms about where she’d like to settle down, more profiles were shared with her.

She’s quite happy now. They’re regularly setting up meetings with potential suitors and their families. Before they meet, enough details about the other person, their education, interests, family, business, and status are given to my friend. This helps in the talks.

The search is still on but she’s confident of finding her elite life partner through elite matrimony. I’ll post an update once she finds her life partner.

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