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Homecoming of Terror: House of Cards Season 5, Episode 1 Review

by Ragini Puri June 2, 2017 0 comment
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Popular American drama series House of Cards continues to be delightfully devilish in its fifth season.

If episode 1 of season 5 is anything to go by, it is obvious that President Underwood is leaving no stone unturned in his ruthless pursuit of a second term in the White House. Only if he knew some roadblocks on the way would turn out to be too difficult to tackle by him and his comrades.

House of Cards

For the uninitiated, House of Cards is a popular American political drama series chronicling the political ambitions of the manipulative Underwood couple – Frank Underwood (played by the brilliant Kevin Spacey), a power-hungry politician (who becomes the President of the United States) in season 3) and his wife, Clair Underwood (played by Robin Wright).

This hugely popular drama series was created by Beau Willimon, an American playwright, and is based on the House of Cards trilogy written by British politician and author, Michael Dobbs. The first season of House of Cards premiered on February 1, 2013, on the streaming service Netflix, and since then it has been enjoying massive popularity amongst the TV viewers.

Homecoming of Terror: Season 5 Episode 1

*Mild Spoilers*

Viewers and fans of House of Cards have always drawn a parallel between the American politics in the plot of the show and the politics playing out in the real world. Episode 1 of the new season underscores the comparison yet again.

The episode opens and closes on two different takes on fear, though both underlying the same political ambition. Intriguing, right?

The episode shows Claire Underwood breaking the fourth wall and addressing the viewers with the lines –

“I’ve been meaning to talk with you. It’s terrifying, isn’t it?”

Just as I begin to wonder that she has just broken the fourth wall yet again, it turns out she is filming a public service address asking Americans to remain aware of their surroundings on account of growing terrorism.

TERRORISM. The theme of terrorism that marked the finale of season 4 of House of Cards takes centre stage in season 5 as well. The Underwoods are fuelling the fear of terrorism and we see Frank Underwood going all out to demand ‘a formal declaration of war against ICO’ (a terror outfit, ISIS stand in). His fiery speech and roguish demeanour on the Senate floor make for a must-watch experience – the best scene in the episode! It’s amazing how the supremely talented Spacey owns the scenes with his powerful acting.

Coming back to the speech scene, President Underwood winds up his Senate speech demanding war against ICO with the words –

“I will not yield. I will not…yield. ”

Does that ring a bell? Yes? No?

Well, talk about realism. Like I mentioned earlier, about viewers drawing parallels between the real and reel American politics, here’s a trivia to underline these observations –

President George Bush addressing a joint address to the US Congress way back in 2001, had issued an ultimatum to the Taliban with the words – “I will not yield. I will not rest.”

Needless to say, House of Cards features a series of parallels to the real life political scenario in the United States.

The tumultuous relationship between the Underwoods too makes for a thrilling narrative in the series and in this episode too we have some unsettling interactions between Frank and Claire that hint at another shocker round the corner. The interactions also hint at the start of a new era. Let me not divulge any more details for they would sure bring forth major plot spoilers.

However, here’s a little sneak peek of the show sourced from Zee Cafe’s youtube channel.

Season 5 released on Netflix on 30 May 2017 and now Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House Of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Café!

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