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Floral Fashion is Forever

by Ragini Puri September 1, 2016 0 comment
Floral Fashion

Ah, the alliteration is unintentional. While browsing online stores to shop for some new additions to the wardrobe, I was left smitten by the collection of pretty floral dresses in a variety of cuts and designs – every single one of them competing for my attention. Tiered dresses, shift dresses, peplum cuts, flowing maxis, sheath dresses and layered gowns…all in eye-catching floral prints! The display had variety huge enough to get me into a frenzy of saving item after item on the wish-list! While an off-white and peace coloured floral print tiered dress with flared hem and three-quarter length and this ‘pick-me-up’ aura about it, a multi-coloured floral print maxi too vied for my immediate attention.

Both these went into the shopping cart right away!

Floral Fashion
Floral Maxi Dress

You must be wondering – why invest in floral dresses when summer is on its way out? Well well, did I not say above that floral fashion is forever! The concept of florals being a summer staple is now a thing of the past and more and more fashioned designers and acclaimed fashion pundits are incorporating these prints in their autumn and fall designs. Jackets, blazers, woollen tops and knit suits –  florals prints are a hit everywhere. While I am already sold on the idea of wearing pretty florals all through the year, reading up various fashion trend reports ranking florals high up on the trend chart is, of course, a huge boost to my sartorial sense.

Interestingly, floral prints are now not just limited to traditional flower designs but have also gained new dimensions in the hands of modern day designers who are experimenting with their own take on the regular patterns. Abstract floral prints and motifs on dresses, shoes and other fashion accessories are gradually becoming attention magnets perfectly capable of holding their own in the evolving fashion trend scenes. 

So if the ‘floral prints’ fan in you was shying away from allowing blooms on your dress in seasons other than summer, then now you know better. Embrace your florals, up your style quotient and romance this trend all the year round, for them flowers are not going anywhere. 

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