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Review: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Oil-in-Cream

by Ragini Puri May 18, 2016 1 comment
Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Oil-in-Cream

I am not much of a user of fancy lifestyle products but I sure love experimenting with them every once in a while. Besides the experiment part, I am also not much of brand loyalist, and keep moving from brand to brand and product to product – sometimes out of boredom and other times out of curiosity. Say even if shampoo A is working fine on my hair, I am prone to checking out shampoo B after a couple of months, just to break the monotony of using shampoo A for so long.

While boredom and curiosity veer me towards buying new products, attractive packaging too plays a big role in pulling me towards certain shelves. And the bright yellow packaging was one reason why I picked up the product at hand today – the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Oil-in-Cream.

I love using hair oil. More often than not, I use it for a head massage and not for hair massage – you get the difference? Nothing relaxes me better than a good head massage and a hot cup of tea! While the oil massage soothes my strained nerves, the oil also helps keep my frizzy mop of hair in place. The only catch here is that the sticky texture of the oil makes my hair go limp after a while. And if I have to go out on a short notice, shampooing and getting off all the oil becomes an annoying chore.

So while the bright yellow packing of Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Oil-in-Cream tube attracted me towards it, the words ‘non-sticky texture’ ensured that I give the tube a good look. The oil replacement cream also offered triple nourishment with the goodness of hair oil, and with curiosity piqued, I decided to give this one a shot.

I have been using Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Oil-in-Cream for more than two weeks now and it sure feels like a decent alternative to oil. I have been using this alternatively with my regular hair oil – sticky oil when I am home for longer hours and non-sticky oil-in-cream when I am out and about. So let’s start with the ingredients first and then I can move on to the performance part.

Ingredients – Photo says it all, lots of chemicals in there.
Though there’s also apple fruit extract, coconut, almond and olive oil.

Packaging – That the packaging is attractive is a given – the very reason I glided towards this bright yellow plastic tube. Also, flip-flop cap secures the tube opening neatly, so there’s no fear of leakage. The size of the tube is such that it easily goes into the toiletry bag.

Price Tag – Rs. 35 for 50g, Rs. 60 for 100g, and Rs. 100 for 200g

My two cents – Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Oil-in-Cream has a light texture and easily gets absorbed in the scalp. A few times I have used this cream as a massage cream and even after applying a generous dose of cream to the scalp, my hair remained non-greasy. It has a subtle fruity fragrance so this is one area where it scores over quite a few hair oils that come with strong fragrances.

I have used the cream both before hair wash and after hair wash – as a massage cream before the wash and as a styling cream post hair wash, and it works fine both ways. When used as a styling cream, it does not weigh down my hair, while keeping the frizz in control. So far as the cream’s claim about triple nourishment is concerned, it sounds a bit far fetched for I have not felt any change in the texture or quality of my hair. Also, this cream is loaded with chemicals, so I am sure leaving it in my scalp overnight is not a good idea. 

In all, Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Oil-in-Cream is a decent alternative to sticky hair oil. The product’s shelf life is 36 months and the price range for different quantities – Rs. 35 for 50g, Rs. 60 for 100g, and Rs. 100 for 200g- too is affordable. So if you are looking at replacing your hair oil, with something that gives the benefits of oil sans the accompanying sticky mess, then you can give this cream-in-oil a good try.

Product rating – 3.5/5

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