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Natural Oils are Best for Your Baby

by Ragini Puri July 12, 2015 0 comment

Massage forms an essential and integral part of an infant’s health care and grooming routine and helps in the baby’s growth, so it is imperative that we use a massage oil that is not just enriched with healthy ingredients, but is also devoid of parabens and paraffins. These days we get many cosmetic and childcare products that claim to be parabens and paraffins free. Here’s why the tag paraben and paraffin-free matters –

  • Parabens are chemical preservatives used to increase the shelf life of cosmetic products.
  • Recent research says parabens may be linked to breast cancer and fertility issues.
  • In some studies, skin problems such as dermatitis, and skin allergic reactions have been linked to parabens.

  • Paraffin oils are petroleum by-products obtained from petroleum refining process. 
  • Lately there have been studies and reports that say paraffins might be carcinogenic, and since they easily penetrate the skin, one can imagine the kind of risk it poses.
  • Refined petrochemicals are generally regarded as unhealthy so it’s an unnecessary risk to regularly use therm on your skin.

Massage is also a great way to bond with the baby, and while the way you massage your baby is important, with what you massage your baby is equally important. In India, elders across the country stress on the use of natural oils for massaging babies. And rightly so. It is important to apply good quality natural oil on baby’s skin to keep it moisturised and healthy.  Here are some natural oils that make for good massage oil option for babies – 

Olive Oil – Oilive oil does wonders for baby’s skin and works as great massage oil. Research shows that olive oil not only nourishes the skin, application of olive oil on scalp strengthens hair roots and also softens frizzy hair.

Jajoba Oil – Jajoba oil protects and nurtures delicate skin and helps heal skin irritation and nappy rashes. Research shows that jojoba oil closely resembles the skin’s own natural sebum (oily secretions which lubricate and waterproof the skin) and makes an effective moisturiser for baby’s soft skin.

Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil has high antiseptic properties and is used for treating many skin allergies. The oil softens baby’s skin and gives a relaxed feeling.

Almond Oil – Almond oil is a common ingredient in many massage oils. Many parents prefer massaging new-borns with almond oil as it is an excellent source of Vitamin E. Pure almond oil provides superior nourishment to baby’s skin.

Chamomile Oil – This oil is recommended for newborns as it is good for sensitive skin. Chamomile oil is also useful for treating rashes and other skin breakouts. This oil is specially good for babies who suffer from colic and helps them to put them to sleep.

All these natural oils work their own different magic on a baby’s delicate skin. While many working parents find putting together a concoction of all these oils at home a messy and time consuming task, trusted brands like Dabur have brought products like Dabur Baby Oil with Olive and Almond to make their task easier. 

The new Dabur Baby Oil is specially formulated for babies and is enriched with olive oil and almond oil and is parabens and paraffins free. Moreover, it does not contain any artificial colours and is dermatologically tested to ensure skin safety. So if you are looking for the goodness of olive oil and almond oil in a baby massage oil and that too without the harmful effects of harsh chemicals, then Dabur Baby Oil is the product to pick up.

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