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Groom Your Baby with Natural Oils

by Ragini Puri July 12, 2015 0 comment

When I first held my nephew Rehaan in my hands, I was petrified inside. Yes, petrified is the word. He was all of 10 days, and felt like a little bundle of silk – so soft, so light. I was petrified that even my little hug would hurt him. His cute pink face, his tiny little fingers rolled up in a fist, his soft feet – everything about him was delicate. As much as I wanted to put him on my lap, his delicate little body and the fear of hurting him helped me resist the urge to pick him up. All I would do was hover around him and caress his smooth skin every now and then.

And then came the time to start his massages. But how could this little baby be massaged, and what if the massage oil harmed his delicate skin? I had doubts galore. But they don’t say mothers know everything, for nothing. My mother too had answers for all my doubts. Massage forms an essential part of an infant’s healthcare and grooming routine and helps in baby’s growth, she explained. But at the same time it is imperative that the baby massage oil is enriched with healthy ingredients that nourish the baby’s skin.

So what are these ingredients that would do wonders for the bay’s skin, I wondered out loud. Of course mother had the answer!

Olive Oil – Olive oil does wonders for the baby’s skin. When applied on baby’s soft scalp and hair, it strengthens hair roots and softens frizzy hair. 

Almond Oil – Almond oil is a common ingredient in many massage oils. Many parents prefer massaging new-borns with almond oil as it is an excellent source of Vitamin E. Pure almond oil provides superior nourishment to baby’s skin.

Jajoba oil – Research shows that jajoba oil protects and nurtures delicate skin and helps heal skin irritation and nappy rashes. Besides, this oil is also an effective moisturiser for the skin.

The session on natural massage oils was enlightening, to say the least. But I was surprised that instead of putting together a concoction of these oils for Rehaan’s massage, mother brought out a bottle of Dabur Baby Oil instead.  It’s the same as natural oils, I was told. The new Dabur Baby Oil is specially formulated for babies and is enriched with olive oil and almond oil. Moreover, it does not contain any artificial colours and is dermatologically tested to ensure skin safety.

Needless to say, I was relieved to know the details, but to be doubly sure, I checked up on the ingredients on the pack – Natural oils containing Sunflower, Sesame, Olive, Almond and Jojoba. Good. The sense of relief had gone notches higher – Rehaan’s oh-so-soft and delicate skin was in good hands. And Dabur Baby Oil was not just taking care of his delicate skin, but also ensuring healthy bone and muscle development too.

I am participating in the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Dabur.

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