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#ComeCloser to Radiant Skin

by Ragini Puri June 13, 2015 0 comment

There’s an age-old expression that says beauty is only skin deep, and that it’s one’s character and personality that are more important than the superficial glow on the skin. Of course one couldn’t agree with this adage more, but then striving for some ‘skin deep’ beauty doesn’t really hurt anyone. The idea of radiant skin complimenting your beautiful personality sounds much better, no?  I remember as a young girl growing up in a fairly conservative household, there was never any overt pressure to work on my average looks. Cosmetics were a strict no, no and no fancy face creams or powders were allowed in the house for it was common belief that they all contain harmful chemicals that do more harm than good. The only exception in our plain Jane household was the VICCO Turmeric Cream, for it had ayurvedic formula base and contained turmeric, the super ingredient that keeps all skin issues at bay.

Now after all these years, despite the advent of all kinds of complex skin creams and lotions, VICCO Turmeric Cream continues to hold its ground in India’s  cosmetics market, thanks to its ayurvedic roots and people’s continued trust in the brand.

Talking of Ayurveda, when it comes to skin care regime, one can vouch for the fact that ayurvedic products score over chemical based creams and lotions. The natural ingredients used in ayurvedic products do not just clean and improve the texture of our skin but also they do not leave any side effects, unlike the chemical based cosmetics. For example these days there are so many chemically strong acne creams available in the market, that clear acne but then either leave marks behind or adversely affect the skin texture. Therefore instead of using such products, relying on simple home remedies for skin issues always make more sense. 

Now that we are discussing skin care tips, here are 3 easy homemade beauty tips that can help you rejuvenate your skin.

1. Turmeric face pack – The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of turmeric make for great skin cleaning agent. To make a simple turmeric mask, mix one spoon of honey, a little yogurt and a few tablespoons of turmeric and make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on freshly washed skin, leave it to do dry and then wash off with cold water. 

2. Use leftover bananas for radiant skin – If you have leftover bananas that have become too soft to be edible, then they can be mashed and used as an excellent pack for face and neck. They help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Use potatoes for healthy hair – I am sure you have never heard that potatoes can be used in any beauty regime, but yes, they make for excellent hair conditioners. Grate a couple of potatoes and squeeze out the water. Put the water in a bowl and add some yogurt in it. Mix it well and apply on your hair and wash it out when it dries. Apply this mix every two weeks and see your hair becoming healthier and shinier.

There are hundreds of simple and easy beauty tips where natural ingredients from the kitchen can add to the beauty of your skin and hair! For now, use these and do share your feedback on how they helped you #ComeCloser to radiant skin!

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