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Change Your Water, Change Your Health!

by Ragini Puri March 28, 2015 1 comment

Water is life. Jal hi jeevan hai. Save water, save life. One cannot harp enough about the importance of water in our lives. Besides its other usefulness, one cannot emphasize enough its role in keeping us healthy. Keep yourself well hydrated is one of the basic good health mantra all the doctors give. Also, there’s a significant rise in awareness about water purification and one can now hardly find a house without a water filter or RO system. But do you know that recent studies show that water from the Reverse Osmosis (RO) system or bottled water does not really give full-proof guarantee of being good for health.

Studies and research reveal that most of the tap water, RO water and distilled water contains acidic pH that causes our body to become more acidic. The water we consume has a positive ORP – Oxidation Reduction Potential – which could lead to a number of health problems like acidity, fatigue, constipation, headaches, arthritis, premature ageing, and even cancer. 

Studies also show that cooking food in purified water pulls the mineral out of it and lowers the nutrient value. So it’s advisable that we opt for alkaline water that helps the body to get rid of acid waste.  So how to get your drinking water ionised? Here’s where Hydro-Jal Plus comes into the picture. 

Hydro-Jal Plus is India’s most advanced and compact water ionizer. It is a fully automatic alkaline waster ionizer which turns harmful acidic water into beneficial alkaline water by increasing its pH value through the process of ionization. Alkaline antioxidant water allows enzymes to work the way they should. Also the alkaline antioxidant water solves two of the major problems that cause ageing an disease – low pH and free radicals.  Here are some more significant benefits of switching to alkaline ionized water –

Hydro-Jal Plus gives the most pristine ionized water and engages India’s advanced ionization technology. If someone is drinking alkaline, ionized water with a pH between 8.5 and 9.5, then they are drinking water that is very antioxidant and can make an incredibly positive difference to their health. Besides the above mentioned benefits, here are some more reasons to switch to Hydro-Jal Plus – 

1. It throws out harmful toxins and slows down signs of ageing such as wrinkles and saggy skin.  
2. Alkaline antioxidant water is superiorly hydrating and instantly energizing. 
3. Ionized water improves mental clarity and concentration
4. Gives energy boost without extra calories
5. Provides more stamina and also boosts immune system supports better sleep
6. Reduces joint and muscle pain and relieves muscle cramps during workouts
7. Provides hydration without bloating and assists in weight loss
8. Improves digestion and metabolism and also boosts immune system

With renowned doctors and health experts giving nods of approval to Hydro-Jal Plus and the lifestyle benefits it promises, it only seems natural to give this product a trial.  To know more about the benefits and installation process of Hydro-Jal Plus, you can book a demo here. The demo session also includes free testing of acidic level of the drinking water.

Note: This is a promotional feature based on the literature available on Hydrojal Plus.

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fuchsiaoutbursts March 29, 2015 at 5:53 am

This was a very informative post! Thank you for that 🙂


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