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Wella Color Up Your Life Bloggers Meet

by Ragini Puri October 10, 2014 0 comment
Well Professional Oil Infuso Colour Service

Wella Bloggers Meets are all about infotainment – latest information about products and services from the Wella Professionals’ world seamlessly weaved into an entertaining event!  The brand’s recently held bloggers meet was one such do, where Wella Professionals and Wella Expert, one of India’s best-known hair stylists – Sapna Bhavnani interacted with bloggers in the Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle category and introduced the all new ‘Oil Infuso Colour Service’.

Sapna highlighted how Wella Professionals newly launched ‘Oil Infuso Color Service’ provides long-lasting color results and takes care of hair health. This unique service has color infused with Wella Professionals Oil Reflections to protect hair from damage. And this coming from a hair expert who herself is pretty popular for her hair colour experiments, makes sense indeed.

Well Professional Oil Infuso Colour Service
Wella Professional Experts

How Oil Infuso Colour Service works

Wella Professionals OIL REFLECTIONS special formula, with Vitamin E, creates a protective barrier around the hair, neutralizing free radicals and protecting against damage. During color service with Wella colors, oil nourishes hair and enhances structure. The service helps protects hair protein, locks in moisture and provides long lasting color results hence offering the desired color results while taking care of hair health.


Here’s what Sapna Bhavnani had to say about Wella’s Oil Infuso Colour Service – “Oil Infuso Color Service is especially formulated with the power of oil that infuses color with properties to protect hair from damage. After experiencing the service myself I am confident that with this color service, you will look great, achieve long lasting results without comprising on hair health.”

Besides detailed information about this new hair colour service, the meet saw lot of photo op fun too! And with Sapna being her usual peppy self, no wonder everyone wanted to get clicked with her. Besides, there were quirky props aplenty to keep click-happy bloggers occupied with their camera! 🙂

Well Professional Oil Infuso Colour Service

Well Professional Oil Infuso Colour Service
Posing with the props!

To know more about Wella Professionals, you can check here. Also if you have any concerns about hair color, this old post can help you with that. Looking forward to your views. 🙂

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